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Call Sheets For Person Of Interest ‘Most Likely To’

Written by Blue Finch   // March 31, 2014

Finch and Shaw Person of Interest

 S3E19 Most Likely To Call Sheet Spoilers


For the Person of Interest episode to air on CBS on April 1, 2014, “Most Likely To”, I read the press release and looked through the list of names glancing over what I always see as minor characters in the episode. There are two that I assumed were some other alumni at the class reunion. And now after I read these call sheets pictured at another site I have more questions.


While the promos we have seen so far focus mainly on Reese (James Caviezel) and Shaw (Sarah Shahi) at the high school reunion, we have only seen a snippet of Finch’s (Michael Emerson) confrontation with Collier (Leslie Odom) in Washington DC. (I think).


Call Sheets Most Likely To

call sheet top 2



call sheet middle



call sheet bottom



call sheet front 1


In the press release we see two lesser characters Leona (Sandy Rosenberg) and Garrison (John Doman). As I mentioned above I assumed they were alumni at the class reunion or possibly people in Washington DC Finch met somehow. But looking at these call sheets Leona was a number given to Finch at some point. And this Leona died apparently. Did they lose a number? Or was she already gone and as a number is Finch investigating her death?


And who is this Garrison? Why is Control (Camryn Manheim) trying to keep Leona’s death a secret? Is he Control’s boss? Is the program he wants to shut down the Machine?


Back in New York City, do Reese and Shaw go bowling? A woman named named Claire is dead, but Matthew Reed (Nestor Carbonell)  is not responsible Reese finds out. Except someone is making it look like Reed  is. Revenge?


I am even more excited after seeing these call sheets. Most Likely To is going to be funny, dangerous, deadly and  leave us waiting anxiously for the next episode Death Benefit in two weeks.


Sarah Shahi, Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson, Shaw, Reese, Harold Finch

Person of Interest, Most Likely To, airs April 1, 10/9c on CBS



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