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Another Promo For Person Of Interest 3.19 Most Likely To…

Written by Blue Finch   // March 29, 2014

Jim Caviezel, John Reese

John Reese undercover at a class reunion in Most Likely To


In the next episode of Person of Interest, Most Likely To, John Reese (James Caviezel) and Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) go under cover as an awkward couple attending their 20 year (1994) high school reunion.  Shaw’s cover is Betty Harris of Queens. I don’t think she likes her (Betty’s) yearbook photo lol. (Can’t blame her I still cringe looking at mine.) Shaw and Reese walk into the high school wearing their name tags on their street clothes and Shaw has that can’t I just shoot them all look on her face. Shaw is not too happy. Is that the yearbook she snaps shut and was Reese trying not to laugh? Maybe that’s why Finch sent Reese to the reunion and takes Fusco with him to Washington. Damage control of some kind?.


We’re stuck in suburban high school hell.


Shaw must not have fond memories of her school years. It’s not going to be all bad Shaw. You get to dance with the number Matthew Reed (Nestor Carbonell). I don’t know if it’s an act but from the promo pics it sure looks like Shaw is crushing on the number. It’s going to be fun to watch. Shaw with her I don’t need no man attitude possibly showing she is susceptible to male charm after all.


Nestor Carbonell, Sarah Shahi, Matthew Reed, Sameen Shaw

Shaw and Matthew Reed (the person of interest this week)


Decima Tie In?

I am really curious to find out if this number is tied in with Decima and their plans to get Samaritan working somehow or if he is just a victim or perpetrator. With the exception of the 911 operator in Last Call, the numbers all seem to have some kind of involvement with Decima’s plans to get Samaritan working or the upcoming war of the machines. Even in Ram the number now has joined the Machine’s pool of assets. Will Matthew Reed hold some piece of the puzzle to the season’s finale countdown?


 A Night To Remember

In Most Likely To, I don’t think the night will be all dancing, mingling and getting reacquainted with old friends or their alias’ old friends. There looks to be a dead girl in a car. Has there already been a murder? Shaw’s hushed assessment,  “the night to remember just turned into the night for revenge.” What is John Reese doing while Shaw dances? And will what they eventually discover lead to the shoot out in the chem lab? Not to fear, lol, I bet that school gets a hefty donation from an anonymous donor for reconstruction and new equipment after this is all over.


Another Lost Reunion?

When I heard Lester Carbonell was going to be in this episode, I was thinking another Lost reunion, this time between Carbonell (Richard Alpert)and Michael Emerson (Ben Linus). But unfortunately for me anyways, Harold Finch is off to Washington DC and Emerson won’t have any scenes with his former Lost co-star.


Another Promo Most Likely To

Person of Interest, Most Likely To, airs April 1 on CBS 10/9c



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